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recruitment process outsourcing

We don't do outsourcing, we provide extension to your workforce.

Whenever a business outsources all or part of its ongoing recruiting, it is known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

An RPO provider may form an integral part of a company’s HR or resourcing department, sitting on the client’s facilities and providing a full-service hiring solution. An RPO provider can supply the appropriate personnel, technology, and strategy to meet a client’s hiring needs. Our RPO strategy accelerates employment for our customers by increasing consistency in recruiting, lowering hiring expenses, boosting candidate experience, and, most crucially, enhancing talent quality by ensuring the appropriate individuals with the correct skill sets are available at the right time. 

The Tek Inspirations’ ‘Recruiting Process Outsourcing’ concept has already grown into a unique kind of recruiting process to meet the diverse workforce planning and recruitment strategy objectives. We have the necessary expertise to implement employment solutions as part of the Recruitment Outsourcing model to a wide range of sectors, including IT, Engineering & Manufacturing, Pharma and Process, Infrastructure, Hospitality, E-Commerce, and others.

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