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We don't do outsourcing, we provide extension to your workforce.

Whenever a business outsources all or part of its ongoing recruiting, it is known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

An RPO provider may form an integral part of a company’s HR or resourcing department, sitting on the client’s facilities and providing a full-service hiring solution. An RPO provider can supply the appropriate personnel, technology, and strategy to meet a client’s hiring needs. Our RPO strategy accelerates employment for our customers by increasing consistency in recruiting, lowering hiring expenses, boosting candidate experience, and, most crucially, enhancing talent quality by ensuring the appropriate individuals with the correct skill sets are available at the right time. 

The Tek Inspirations’ ‘Recruiting Process Outsourcing’ concept has already grown into a unique kind of recruiting process to meet the diverse workforce planning and recruitment strategy objectives. We have the necessary expertise to implement employment solutions as part of the Recruitment Outsourcing model to a wide range of sectors, including IT, Engineering & Manufacturing, Pharma and Process, Infrastructure, Hospitality, E-Commerce, and others.

Key Points To Consider

TEK’s RPO Service

We guarantee to go above and beyond for our clientele. We give individuals that are culturally and skillfully compatible with the client's needs. We also provide work engagement and employer branding solutions to help you find the right people. We make certain that our clients can rely on our outsourcing recruiting service to provide them with the finest employees.

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Companies frequently aim to reduce their operating expenses in order to increase or sustain profitability. Our skilled team, being one of the top recruitment process outsourcing businesses, can scale up or down their hiring process at a consistent price while maintaining the same level of excellence. In contrast, the HR staff cannot be dynamically raised or lowered to meet the periodically controlled resource demand.


As a result of our exposure to a variety of industries and the best practices we’ve learned from them, we’ve established our own competence and approach for quickly shortlisting applicants and analyzing their reliability. This procedure guarantees that our clients receive the best prospects on time.

Specific skill-based recruitment

As a leading Outsourced Recruitment Company, we have access to a variety of databases that cater to both general and highly trained labor requirements. We are careful regarding selecting people that are perfectly suited for our client’s requirements for various designations, not just in terms of expertise, but also in terms of cultural compatibility.

Skilled Resources

We have a panel of top and experienced recruiting experts as an outsourced Recruitment Company. Before shortlisting applicants, they consider a variety of factors such as work culture, development, and the client’s corporate history. So, once you come across qualified applicants that are well-suited to your organization and possess the necessary skill sets and abilities, you know you’ve found the appropriate people for the job. As a result, your company’s production and output will be at their highest levels.

Customized Solutions

We don’t just offer pre-designed RPO programs; we also offer customized recruiting strategies. We start the RPO process by focusing on the client’s aims and priorities. We use a coordinated approach and personalize our outsourcing recruiting process solutions to fit your workplace goals, personnel requirements, and business plans.